Multiple Uses

I hate the stroller I got at my baby shower because it is next to difficult to collapse and put into the car. I need a replacement and want one that will have more than one use. This will ensure that I can use it on many occasions without having to buy a different one. The current normal stroller is created for daily use and most of them are fit for the city. However, there are some that are ideal for any kind of terrain. Luckily, the standard strollers of these days are convertible. Continue reading below to find my preferred convertible bassinet strollers.

VISTA – Taylor from UPPAbaby

VISTA - Taylor from UPPAbaby

For many of us who grew in the 80’s, we know how parents always bought clothes that would last for ages. This is a luxury stroller but one that expands and will grow with your child. The stroller comes with Bassinet included that helps to transform it into a pram. This makes it suitable for your newborn. And if you have twins, this stroller will suit you well because it has an additional Bassinet to accommodate both of your kids. It comes with a mattress cushion that is perforated, a vented bottom, and an airy canopy that assists to offer the best comfort and breathability.

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Apart from that, this stroller has an extensible sunshade that helps to shield the baby from the damaging UV rays. Moreover, there is also a zip out lining and boot sheet that is removable for cleaning. You will also enjoy the presence of complete size back facing tot seat that is created to suit the growing curiosity and size of the child. This stroller also comes with a back suspension and shock-absorbing front. Don’t worry about your height because the stroller has a single button telescoping handlebar that makes it ideal for all heights.


  • Helps protect the child against UV rays
  • The line and boot sheet are all removable
  • It is easy to clean
  • The bassinet can accommodate twins
  • The canopy is height modifiable so it can support the growing kids
  • Supports all parent heights
  • The stroller offers great comfort and breathability
  • Assembly of this stroller is easy
  • The bassinet is suitable for overnight slumber
  • It is easy to push around.
  • The tot seat is reversible
  • It is easy to fold


  • It is heavy

Baby Jogger 2016 City

Baby Jogger 2016 City

When it comes to height, many parents always wonder which stroller will fit them especially when they are very tall. I have found a perfect match for all parents. This stroller comes with all-ground nonstop-air wheels. This ensures that you can use your stroller regardless of where you are. It has a handlebar that is modifiable to ensure that users of different heights can use it. Moreover, it comes with a parking brake that is easy to flip-flop. The plush cushioned seat is tall enough and has the maximum weight volume.

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Apart from that, the stroller features a UV 50 plus canopy that provides much shade to the child on a sunlit day. Additionally, it comes with a peep-a-boo opening that lets you check on the child. You can adjust it to several positions as you wish. It also has an automatic lock that helps to lock the fold when you want to store the stroller or transport it.


  • It is easy to fold, store and transport
  • Allows you to check on your baby thanks to the window
  • Provides a lot of shade to the baby and thus preventing sunburns
  • Parking brakes of this stroller are easy to flip-flop
  • You can use the stroller on any terrain
  • Supports all parent heights
  • It can absorb shock
  • It can be used with a bassinet
  • It is easy to move around
  • It is lightweight


  • You need to buy the bassinet separately
  • It doesn’t’ come with a mug holder


When it comes to your child, her safety and health and important. A baby stroller helps you walk around with your baby without worrying. The best baby stroller is the one that accommodates all heights and i0t is easy to move around. It is also advisable that you purchase a stroller that has a sunshade if you need something high quality. This is so you can shield your baby against the damaging UV rays.